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Your One-Stop-Shop Employee Benefits Solution

Connect your workforce, boost output, and help your people thrive with an all-encompassing wellbeing solution in a single centralised platform

Infographic showing Vivup's centralised employee benefits
Infographic showing Vivup's employee benefits solutions

Centralised Employee Benefits 

Enable your workforce to access their benefits from a single, fully-digital location. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, Vivup’s online benefits platform empowers your team to enjoy a comprehensive, customisable suite of benefits whenever, and wherever, they need support


Financial Wellbeing

Home and

Provide access to home essentials  

Give your people the chance to enjoy the latest technology and home essentials by enabling them to spread the cost of big-ticket items


Help employees meet care needs

Give employees access to a network of care providers, helplines and a care budget to put towards childcare, pet care, and eldercare


Help employees save money where it matters  

Supports your people’s financial health while boosting loyalty and motivation with over 1,150+ ways to save with the nation’s leading retailers 


Make commuting more manageable

Make motoring more manageable by giving staff the chance to drive a brand-new, insured car for a fixed monthly amount

Travel and

Boost work/life balance 

Supports your people’s work/life balance by enabling them to spread the cost of a holiday through Payroll Pay®, with no deposit required


Mental Wellbeing

Wellbeing & Employee
Assistance Programme 

Access expert mental health support

Equip your staff with 24/7 access to mental health support, and gain valuable insights to inform your wellbeing strategy


Create long-term wellbeing

Provide access to wellbeing products and services and encourage proactive care with an engaging health management platform 

Your Care

Amplify your wellbeing support 

Boost your wellbeing provision and help your people lead happier, healthier lives with robust wellbeing products and services


Physical Wellbeing  

Cycle to

Encourage sustainable commuting

Enable your workforce to save up to 42%* on the latest bikes and safety equipment while working toward sustainability goals


Cultivate a healthier workforce  

Equip your staff with access to over 3,000 providers, including gyms, health clubs, and more, while boosting your wellbeing agenda

Cash Plan

Empower staff to prioritise wellbeing  

Give your people immediate access to personal healthcare cover for their individual needs with a comprehensive Health Cash Plan**

Find out more about our
Recognition and Reward Benefit

Case Studies

Discover how our clients have customised their benefits packages to engage, inspire, and motivate their valued workforces:  

NHS Foundation Trust case study

Lancashire and South Cumbria NHS Foundation Trust Case Study

How Vivup’s Home and Electronics employee benefit helps in relieving financial burden and engaging a workforce

University Health Board case study

Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board Case Study

Safeguarding mental health through a dedicated Employee Assistance Programme

Geiger Case Study

Geiger Case Study

How Geiger’s new benefits platform helped boost employee engagement and provide vital support for the rising cost of living

*Savings realised through a Salary Sacrifice arrangement. Terms & Conditions apply.
**Benefits are payable according to the benefit schedules. Exclusions apply.   

Start customising your benefits programme in partnership with Vivup 

If you’d like to begin your journey to better employee wellbeing, schedule a call with our friendly team today. They can help you identify the best solutions for your business and assist you with customising your portal to ensure maximum impact and engagement  

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