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Employee Recognition and Reward

Recognition is pretty powerful

From celebrating employee milestones to a heartfelt thank you for a job well done, Vivup highfive* is your one-stop-shop for boosting engagement and performance while maintaining high morale 


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Example highfive - Just to say thank you for your hard work on the night shift
Example highfive - You go above and beyond for the team every day thank you
Example highfive - Just to make you smile
Example highfive - High 5 everyone for being fantastic today
Example highfive - Your support today was invaluable, you are a true star
Example highfive - Congratulations on your promotion
Example highfive - Well done on completing your 1st evaluation

How can you create a culture of continuous recognition in your workplace?  

Research shows that taking the time to celebrate your workforce can enhance employee performance by up to 14%, and ongoing positive feedback can drive business performance by as much as 12% 

Vivup highfive, our comprehensive recognition and rewards app solution, makes easy work of delivering peer-to-peer acknowledgements based on your organisation’s core values

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Employee Engagement

Help to boost staff motivation, productivity and loyalty

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Mental Health Strategy

Support emotional and mental wellbeing, particularly as the long term effects of Covid are felt

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Retention & Recruitment

Assist with strengthening retention and recruitment toolkits

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Hybrid/Remote Working

Help employees adapt to new ways of working and keep people connected

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"We received an excellent service from VIVUP, the team worked really hard and supported us throughout the process! The platform is very user friendly, and has given us the opportunity to showcase our employee reward package in one place. It's a great way to keep staff updated on all our benefits and health and wellbeing initiatives."

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

The benefits for your business   

Continuous employee recognition from managers and peers is a proven contributor to higher levels of employee engagement, productivity and retention and can increase profitability by a staggering 21%* 

Vivup highfive can help you strengthen and streamline workplace recognition by:

Reducing absenteeism

Boosting motivation and workplace morale

Helping your staff to understand their value

Supporting your team by recognising achievements and celebrating success

Attracting and retaining talent

Growing a positive workplace culture

How this benefit will empower your people  

Continuous recognition from managers and peers can transform your organisation:  

  • Bolster workplace morale and motivation  

  • Assist with increasing engagement with your wider benefits offering  

  • Help you foster an inclusive team culture – even when working remotely  

  • Support with decreasing workplace stress and absenteeism  

  • Encourage loyalty and retention  

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"Very good service, easy to navigate and use. Would definitely recommend."

Vivup User, August 2023

“Vivup is certainly contributing to providing a workplace solution that supports our core values and creates a positive and supportive environment that promotes people development, recognition, and reward"

Vivup User

*Rewards provided to employees through the Vivup HI5 platform are subject to HMRC. Employee incentive award rules on Income tax and National Insurance Contributions . Rewards cannot be exchanged or re-sold. Gift cards are subject to change.


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