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Family Pay Childcare Benefit

A simple solution that helps your people manage the cost of childcare

For many working families, covering the cost of childcare is a significant expense. Our Family Pay benefit enables employees to salary sacrifice their childcare costs, helping to lower their expenditure, support them financially, and create a more engaged and productive workforce where staff can truly thrive


Help Your People Manage the Cost of Childcare

Salary sacrifice

Can be used alongside
Tax-Free Childcare

Integrates seamlessly with
other salary sacrifice benefits

Provides national coverage for nurseries and childminders

Makes high living costs more manageable

Generates organisational

Employees can pick their
preferred provider

Dedicated onboarding

Benefits for Your Business 

Family Pay can help your organisation to:

  • Elevate your reputation as an employer of choice
  • Generate organisational savings
  • Build brand and business loyalty
  • Create a happy, healthy workplace 
  • Boost your recruitment and retention toolkit  
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Benefits to Your Employees

  • Help make high living costs more manageable
  • Can be used alongside Tax-Free Childcare
  • Offers the ability to work with preferred providers
  • National coverage for nurseries and childminders

How Does Family Pay Work?


Employee selects Family Pay on the Vivup Platform and searches for care providers


If their preferred provider is already Family Pay Ready, they submit an order request


If not, they can submit a request to sign up their preferred provider


The provider accepts the request, and the employee agrees to the change in contract via the Vivup platform


The employer authorises the order


Childcare starts one month after the first salary reduction

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*Family pay is provided via a salary sacrifice arrangement. Terms & Conditions apply