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Product Sheets

Our informative product sheets give you all the information you need around each of our employee benefits, including how they work and why they matter!

Lifestyle savings benefit summary sheet

Lifestyle Savings Summary Sheet

Put it simply, we save your employees money

Vivup benefits software summary sheet

Vivup Employee Benefits Platform Summary Sheet

A comprehensive overview of our entire benefits offering

Vivup car leasing benefit summary sheet

Car Benefit Summary Sheet

All the nuts and bolts of our Car employee benefit

Cycle to Work employee benefit summary sheet

Cycle to Work Summary Sheet

Wheelie useful insights into our Cycle to Work employee benefit

Employee assistance programme summary sheet

Employee Assistance Programme Summary Sheet

Essential facts on our mental health offering

Vivup recognition and reward summary sheet

Vivup highfive Summary Sheet

The inside scoop on harnessing the power of recognition

Vivup home and electronics benefit summary sheet

Home and Electronics Summary Sheet

Our most popular benefit, at a glance

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