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Family Care

Employees today have a variety of family care challenges that impact their ability to be their very best at work

By offering our Family Care benefit, you can help them solve these challenges by giving them access to a network of care providers, support helplines and a care budget to contribute towards those unexpected costs, enabling them to be physically and emotionally present at work

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of working parents have had to take a day off work unexpectedly to meet childcare requirements1

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of employees stated ‘Benefits and services that help with the cost of living are the top reasons for staying, above professional development and training’1

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of those with eldercare responsibilities consider eldercare support before accepting a new job or promotion1


Combine Family Care with Your Care Plus
for the complete care solution

Empower Your Team and Support Working Families

Purple icon with a chart showing decreased absenteeism

Help to decrease absenteeism

by providing workers with solutions for care challenges
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Help enhance employee retention

with a benefit that working families will love

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Support D&I initiatives

by supporting the workforce from hire to retire

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Promote a better work-life balance

with employee benefits solutions that give your workforce peace-of-mind

The benefits for your business 

With Family Care, your organisation will benefit from:

  • The flexibility to set a budget and limits on cost per care session
  • The ability to choose which services to support, including specialised pet care, childcare, and eldercare support
  • The ability to track ROI by measuring how usage supports attendance, productivity, performance, and engagement
  • Easy team onboarding and set-up

How this benefit will empower your employees

By implementing Family Care in your organisation, your workforce will enjoy:

  • A wide range of care options from a database of 14,000 childcare providers, 4,000 tutors, 15,000 eldercare providers, and 3,000 pet care providers
  • The ability to use their own trusted network
  • Access to over 30 helplines for children, pets, and elder family members – including specialised services for neurodiversity
  • Flexibility to use their budget in the best way to suit their family needs
Infographic showing in-home, out-of-home and helpline support available through Family Care
Vivup Family Care brochure with smiling image of a mother and child

Family Care Brochure

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1 2023 Modern Families Index