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We’re passionate about producing clear, constructive content that our clients can trust. That’s why we’ve created a range of guides on everything from maximising your benefits to making your people’s pay go further 

   Featured Guide

Guide to Attracting and Retaining Talent - 2024

Attract - Guide
Retention Recruitment

Guide to Attracting and Retaining Talent - 2024

A helpful guide for building an effective attraction and retention strategy

Stress Awareness - Guide

Stress Awareness Guide - 2023

Help reduce stress and burnout while promoting wellbeing as a core value

Retain - Guide
Retention Recruitment

Retain Employees in 2024

Equip your organisation with knowledge to help strengthen employee retention

Big Energy Week - Guide

Big Energy Week Guide - 2024

Our guide to helping employees save money where it matters

Col 2024- Guide

Cost of Living Guide 2024

Help employees navigate the cost of living crisis with a range of helpful benefits

EAP Really - Guide

Is Your EAP REALLY Making a Difference?

Learn how a great EAP can help empower your people and your business

Attracting for Tech - Guide
Retention Recruitment

Guide to Attracting and Retaining Employees for Tech

A guide to help tech and IT organisations attract and retain top talent

Attracting for Transport - Guide
Retention Recruitment

Guide to Attracting and Retaining Employees for Transport

Help attract and retain game-changing talent in the transport industry

Hospitality - Guide

Hospitality’s Guide to Proactive Wellbeing

Learn how proactive health management can help employees stay happy, healthy, and present at work

Preventative - Guide

Preventative Care Infographic

Learn more about the crucial role of early intervention in employee wellbeing

COL Manufacturing - Guide

Cost of Living Guide: Manufacturing Industry

Discover how employee benefits can support your people's needs, when they need it

Mini Guide - Guide
Wellbeing Recognition

Construction’s Mini Guide to Supporting Employees

A mini guide on creating an employee value proposition in the construction industry

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