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Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme

Let’s face it, life is full of ups and downs

Our Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme provides expert support when your people need it most. With 24/7 telephone support available 365 days a year and access to face-to-face counselling, you can be sure that help is on-hand for whatever life challenges your people are facing

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Dealing with personal or work-related issues can take a huge toll on the wellbeing of your workforce, and often has an impact on productivity, performance and attendance. In fact, a staggering 79% of employees have taken a stress-related absence in the last year alone  (CIPD 2021)     

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“Wellbeing is like brushing your teeth; you have to do it every day”

Dr. Clare Wright
Health Board | Cwm Taf Morgannwg University

Vivup Wellbeing Hub:

Your Portal to Proactive Health Management

Discover a hub of solutions built to support
your people’s mental, physical, and financial wellbeing

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Mental Health Strategy

Support emotional and mental wellbeing, particularly as the long term effects of Covid are felt

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Proactive Wellbeing

Providing your employees with the right tools to maintain good health and wellbeing

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Hybrid/Remote Working

Help employees adapt to new ways of working and keep people connected

Because our Employee Assistance Programme is led by clinicians with over 45 years’ of combined experience, you can be sure that your employees’ wellbeing is in safe hands

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24/7 access to telephone support:

Qualified counsellors and support specialists to discuss any emotional, personal or work-related issue in confidence

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Face to Face and Virtual Counselling support:

Enabling staff to talk confidentially with a sympathetic professional

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Self-help Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) workbooks:

Offering advice and guidance on a number of topics including anxiety, bereavement, depression and more

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A wide range of online resources:

Including podcasts, blogs, debt advice and more

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Triage and assessment at initial phone call:

Enabling the right support to be offered for the issue at hand

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No waiting times in accessing counselling if needed

Your Care Essentials health management platform dashboard
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Your Care Essentials

Creating long-term wellbeing for employees through the promotion of healthy lifestyles and positive change

Your Care can help your organisation with:

  • Building a company culture centred around wellbeing and proactive care
  • Increasing employee health, motivation and happiness
  • Gaining meaningful data insights to inform your company wellbeing strategy

Your Care Plus

Enhance your employee wellbeing provision with the help of Your Care Plus 

Your Care Plus is an engaging health management platform offering wellbeing products and services with a focus on positive, proactive care   

The Your Care Plus platform provides:

  • Access to existing EAP support and counselling - 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Wellbeing assessments
  • Personal goal setting
  • Connectivity to health and fitness apps
  • Access to a wide range of wellbeing resources
Your Care Plus health management platforms displayed on laptop and mobile

Your Care Plus can be enhanced with additional wellbeing services and support tools, including:  

Purple and white icon showing people in conversation

Face-to-Face and Virtual Counselling

Purple circle with white box and love heart inside

AI Counselling 

White form and business character within a purple circle

Online GP Services  

White outline of a piggy bank within a purple circle

Financial Wellbeing Tools 

Purple and white search icon inside a shield

Legal Helpline 

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Debt Charity 

The benefits for your business

By ensuring your people have access to a variety of wellbeing resources, you can:  

  • Promote a culture of mental wellbeing in your workplace  
  • Reduce workplace stress, stress-related absences and the soaring costs that come with it  
  • Boost return-to-work rates by providing the right support pathways for a range of mental health concerns   
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How this benefit will empower your people  

From day to day challenges at home to dealing with mounting pressures in the workplace. Vivup’s Employee Assistance Programme offers help and advice on a range of personal issues

Start improving your employee wellbeing today

To find out more about how Vivup can benefit your business, request a demo to get started today

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