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Car Leasing Employee Benefit

Driving down the cost of motoring for your workforce

Give your people the chance to drive a brand-new, fully maintained and insured car for a manageable fixed monthly amount – with no deposit required! 

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About our Car Benefit

Our Car Leasing employee benefit gives your people the chance to drive a brand-new, fully maintained and insured car for a manageable fixed monthly amount as part of our salary sacrifice scheme, Payroll Pay® 

With no deposits or credit checks required, employees can save on a range of inclusive driving packages combining tax efficiencies and full manufacturer discounts. Reductions are made to an employee’s gross salary, so they can also make significant savings on Income Tax and National Insurance, too!  

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Employee Engagement

Boost staff motivation, productivity and loyalty

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Retention & Recruitment

Strengthen retention and recruitment toolkits to help win the war on talent

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Support Green Initiatives

Support sustainability agendas and help employees reduce their carbon footprint

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Hybrid/Remote Working

Help employees adapt to new ways of working and keep people connected

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The benefits for your business

The popular appeal of our Car Leasing employee benefit can support your organisation with:  

  • Providing a manageable way for your employees to travel to and from work
  • Strengthening your green initiatives by enabling your workforce to drive eco-friendly electric cars 
  • Reducing absenteeism
  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Growing a positive workplace culture 
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This benefit also provides peace of mind for your workforce by offering a complete driving package, with the following protections included as standard: 

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Full RAC Breakdown Cover

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Replacement Tyres

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MOT Maintenance

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Road Tax

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Lifestyle Protections

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24-hour Driver Support Line

How this benefit will empower your people

Introduce Vivup’s Car Benefit in your organisation, and enable your people to enjoy:   

  • No deposits or credit checks  
  • Combined savings on Income Tax, National Insurance, manufacturer discounts, fleet savings and more  
  • Access to a wide range of in-demand models from the leading manufacturers   
  • Efficient budgeting with manageable fixed monthly salary reductions over a set period of time  
  • Protection for a wide variety of life events including resignation, redundancy, maternity, long term sickness and more 
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Start improving your employee wellbeing today

To find out more about how Vivup can benefit your business, request a demo to get started today

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