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Your Care Plus

Your Care Plus is an engaging health management platform offering wellbeing products and services with a focus on positive, proactive care  

As the gateway to a happier, healthier workforce, Your Care Plus delivers evidence-based interventions and support tools designed to help build mental resilience, strengthen your people’s emotional, physical, and financial wellbeing, and enable them to live their best lives both in and out of the workplace


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   Access to support and counselling  - 24/7, 365 days a year

   Wellbeing assessments

   Personal goal setting

   Connectivity to health and fitness apps  

   Access to a wide range of wellbeing resources 


With Your Care Plus your people will benefit from access to these wellbeing services:

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Financial Wellbeing

A complete financial wellbeing and money management platform enabling you to track and improve the financial wellbeing of your employees

Confidential Support

Peer-to-Peer Support

A clinically managed online community designed to improve mental wellbeing. The platform provides anonymous, peer-to-peer support to enable as many people as possible to benefit from instant, easy-access support as and when they need it

Online GP

Online GP

An online GP providing access to registered GPs for advice, diagnosis, and, where appropriate, onward referral. Video and telephone appointments are available 24/7 but consultations are 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week, UK time, excluding Christmas Day


Legal Assistance

Helpline offering advice and assistance on any personal legal query or problem

Financial Support

Financial Support

Practical information and support to people facing income shocks and financial insecurity


Counselling and Information

Access to professional Counselling Services that offer a range of confidential interventions and treatment pathways for your people

Provide the complete care solution with
Your Care Plus and Family Care

The Benefits for Employers

Your Care can help your organisation with:

  • Building a company culture centred around wellbeing and proactive care
  • Increasing employee health, motivation and happiness
  • Gaining meaningful data insights to inform your company wellbeing strategy

The Benefits for Employees

Plus, your employees will benefit from:

  • Assessments to identify the risk of developing any of the five leading lifestyle-related diseases, along with mental wellbeing and financial scores
  • Goals created to boost health and happiness, with recommended small sustainable lifestyle changes
  • Activity data synced from their health and fitness apps
  • Access to various resources, including blogs, videos, recipes and more

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Who are Vivup?  

As a leading employee benefits provider, we deliver an employee engagement platform that connects workforces, improves employee wellbeing and boosts loyalty

We currently deliver comprehensive health and wellbeing benefits to:

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