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A New Era in Employee Benefits

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In an exciting stride forward for both organisations, employee benefits experts Perkbox and Vivup have joined forces to create a world-class benefits, wellbeing, and engagement platform. 

Formed in the wake of a global pandemic and a hard-hitting cost-of-living crisis, the primary goal of this partnership is to provide better wellbeing support for employees across the country.  

From enhancing access to specialist mental health services to helping staff manage the cost of everyday essentials, our combined strengths and best-in-class solutions will create a super partnership that supports staff in all areas of life, at every stage of their career, both in and out of the workplace.

As a singular entity, we can assist more employees than ever before to live better and work better through our combined expertise in the public, private, SME, and corporate sectors. Right now, we collectively support more than 4 million employees across 7,500 organisations to thrive through an enhanced range of benefits. 

Our aim is to create a world where work becomes our happy place. Together, we’re positioned to reinvent and revolutionise the world of employee benefits, driving innovation, setting new standards, and shaping the future with transformative solutions that redefine wellbeing.   




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"Merging Perkbox and Vivup means we’re providing best-in-class technology and incredibly high user experiences - delivered with care. Between us, we have the leading products needed across voluntary benefits, wellbeing, and recognition and reward, yet very little overlap in the areas in which we currently operate. My last 5 years with Vivup have been amazing but our future as a combined company is going to be even better!"

Simon Moyle | Vivup CEO

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