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Become a Payroll Pay Ready Provider

Help working parents save money and spread the cost of care by allowing eligible employees to sacrifice up to 80% of their childcare costs through Family Pay 

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Why Become a Partner?


We do not ask you for any discounts on your fees or commissions to be a partner

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Guaranteed payments

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Be a provider of choice in your community, and become Family Pay Ready today!

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Why Family Pay? 

At Vivup, we work extensively with NHS, public services, and local councils — and we know employees can make significant savings by paying their childcare costs through salary sacrifice 

With our 18+ years experience providing salary sacrifice benefits, and knowing families need more support then ever to manage childcare costs, we anticipate significant Family Pay uptake — and we'll advertise your setting for free to over 2M employees

Empower Your Team and Support Working Families


Step 1

Agree to offer Salary Sacrifice to eligible parents and agree to our Terms & Conditions 


 Step 2

Complete self-registration and provide us with your contact and bank account details so we can pay the monthly fees  


Step 3

Pass the due diligence to be promoted as a provider



Step 4

Accept or decline parent orders when they are requested.

We encourage parents to contact/visit you beforehand to ensure you can accommodate their request 

Family pay is provided via a salary sacrifice arrangement.
Terms & Conditions apply     

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To learn more about maximising your impact as a childcare provider by partnering with Vivup, contact our friendly team today

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