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Looking to unlock the full potential of Vivup's employee benefits?

With our dynamic library of brochures, you can access deeper insights around our benefits, elevate your understanding, and stay up to date with the best strategies to support your clients. Packed full of helpful content and inspiring visuals, our brochures cover everything from managing mental health in the workplace to supercharging employee savings  

Ready to get to know your benefits a little better? Explore our exciting brochures today!  

Your Care Brochure Mock

Your Care Brochure

Discover how to promote a proactive approach to wellbeing with detailed tips on the Your Care platform

Vivup Winter Wellbeing Brochure

Cost of Living Benefits Brochure - Winter 2023

Help staff save money where it matters during the current cost-of-living hike


Family Care Brochure

Learn how to better support working families with a meaningful, multi-generational benefit

Vivup Mental Health & Wellbeing Brochure

Mental Health & Wellbeing Brochure

Helps your clients create an environment where employees can thrive with the help of our mental health services

Vivup Guide to Increasing Employee Engagement Logo

Guide to Increasing Employee Engagement

Your comprehensive guide to skyrocketing employee engagement with Vivup's benefits

Vivup Big Energy Week Brochure

Big Energy Week Guide - 2023

Help your clients' people access eco-friendly items and sustainable savings to celebrate Big Energy Week

Cost of Living

Cost of Living Benefits Brochure

Support your clients' peoples' financial wellbeing as living costs soar

Brochure Full SME

Vivup Employee Benefits Platform Brochure

Find out how to navigate and maximise our employee benefits platform

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