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Whether you’re looking for tips for enhancing your wellbeing, help tackling tricky workplace topics, or insight on one of your employee benefits, our captivating podcasts will empower you through engaging, easy-to-digest content  

Covering everything from platform registrations to managing stress, women's mental health to money matters, tune in to our thought leaders and mental health experts as they take you through the most important talking points in today’s employee wellbeing space  

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A Conversation of Money

Join Peter as he details how his past struggles with debt led him to develop financial anxiety and depression – and discover the steps he took to build better resilience

Crisis in Masculinity and Men’s Mental Health

Vivup Counsellor Sam French, takes an unflinching look at the relationship between masculinity and mental health in the UK

Women’s Mental Health

Sam French, Vivup Counsellor, discusses diagnosis bias and explores women’s experiences with accessing mental health support

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The Effect Music Has on Our Health & Wellbeing

In this thought-provoking episode, Michelle James outlines how music can positively influence our health and wellbeing, including its impact on sleep cycles, relaxation, and more

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Write Off Your Stress

Vivup Counsellor, Brigitta Brain, leads this interactive podcast on preventing and coping with workplace stress through the medium of writing

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Brigitta Brain is back with a discussion on the complex subject of trauma – covering the many ways people react to trauma and the physical symptoms they experience

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Eating Disorders

Mental health expert Rebecca will help you recognise the signs that suggest whether you (or someone you know) is suffering from an eating disorder

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